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Strategically aligning with our customers needs!

Predatory Testing

It occurred to me that there’s a type of testing which looks like exploratory testing, but there’s a different mental approach to it. Exploratory testing seems to be more like: I suspect there are some bugs in the system, so I’ll strategically try some things that have worked before, to see what I find. And that…
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Elemental Testing

Even with requirements, it can be overwhelming to decide how to test an application. Whether you’re new or experienced, you may be faced with something to test and just think… where do I start? A trick that works is to adopt a persona, and stick with it for a time, in order to focus and…
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Sun Tzu Was a Tester??

The Book Sun Tzu’s The Art of War was written in the 5th century BC. It’s since been translated into many languages, and is used not just for warfare tactics, but also corporate interactions, sports, business relationships, and many other disciplines that require strategy and tact. Once in awhile I run across a quote that seems…
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Internal Branding is Important Too

As I spend more time in the QA world, I’m noticing that quality is a thread that weaves throughout a company. It’s more than just providing good software and a great user experience. It’s also about providing a great employee experience too. “Quality is Everyone’s Business” is a phrase I hear used often. It’s usually directed…
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What Types of Bugs Aren’t You Catching?

Every time I meet a new potential client, I ask this question: “What types of bugs aren’t you catching?” It’s never meant to be snarky. The point of the question is to make sure the client knows there’s a difference between the “what” of automated testing, and the “how”. The “what” is the thing being…
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Tripwire Automation

It’s possible to write too much test automation. I get that it’s cool and fun to come in and slam out code that does work for you so you don’t have to. Getting to learn new tech to get the job done is a great feeling. But, as with any code, each line that you write has…
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