Greater Saint Louis Area, Missouri, USA

The Process

Strategically aligning with our customers needs!

Sourcing: We work diligently and effectively to implement a detailed set of procurement rules and regulations set forth by the client, political entities, and other individuals and/or organizations who play roles within the chain to allow for products needed to be located for the acquiring of the goods to be purchased.  We work with partners all over the world to assist us in this process.The Product Plug specializes in working with regulated manufacturers to source even the most specific items, such as BERRY Compliant, FDA, NIOSH, BPA Free, etc. Our procurement team leverages our long term-relationships to allow our clients access to the best quality and most efficient access to whatever raw material or items they may need for their project.


Customization: The Product Plug has relationships with numerous supply chain partners and decorators around the world that allow for custom projects or customization to almost any item. Our reliable and certified factories work closely with us to help produce exactly what the client wants at an affordable price and while still continuing to keep focused on an efficient turn-around.


Quality Control:  With our boots-on-the-ground overseas and at local production plants, our quality control is unmatched as we are able to oversee each of our projects to guarantee satisfaction. Production overseas can be particularly scary!  However, by choosing to work with The Product Plug, we can all but remove those fears and provide you with exactly what you are looking for!


Import/Export: By leveraging our relationships we are able to work with government agencies and private entities to import and export materials and commodities anywhere in the world.  We have a proven system in place and we work hard to continuously improve upon it and further mitigate any possible risks.

*During the COVID-19 Pandemic, our team has been able to successfully provide millions of PPE and other much needed items to entities in need around the world!*


Shipping/Transportation/Logistics:  We have partnerships with many airlines, government agencies, customs agents, importers/exporters, shippers, truckers, and other logistic-related companies.  We are able to leverage these partnerships to ensure the timely delivery of our products to our clients with as little risk or delay as possible.