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The Product Plug supplies medical devices and PPE efficiently and affordably to help you avoid shortages. 


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In the wake of COVID-19, hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the world are currently assessing their preparedness or, worse, finding themselves unprepared to handle the pandemic.


As part of the COVID-19 response effort, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend a variety of medical devices designed to protect against potentially infectious patients, materials, and environments, including: 


* Face masks and face shields *

* Respirators *

* Protective clothing (e.g. surgical gowns, boot covers, safety glasses)  *


A shortage of these medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE) could mean the difference between life and death for patients and health care workers, especially those at high risk. 

The Product Plug specializes in procuring medical devices / PPE at a highly affordable rate with a fast turn-around time, due to our unique procurement and import/export process. 

If you employ healthcare workers or are one of many organizations around the world who need this equipment, continue reading to learn about how we can help you source them at a low cost, as quickly as possible. 


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Types of PPE that We Source


We carry a wide range of medical devices and are always looking to expand our offerings. Here’s an overview of the most popular types of PPE that we can source: 


Face masks & face shields Respirators Surgical gowns
In times like these, respiratory protection is truly life-saving, both for health care workers as well as patients. We source all major face mask types, including 3-ply procedural masks, 3-ply surgical masks, face shields for further face & eye protection, and more.  Hospitals and health care providers always need respirators, but never more so than in the middle of this pandemic. We source a variety of respirators, including and especially the KN95 & N95 respirator models. Surgical gowns are necessary for creating a barrier to protect both patients and health care workers from potential infection. We source both isolation gowns (level 1-4) as well as surgery gowns (level 1-4). 
Gloves & caps Cleansers & cleaning supplies Other devices
We source those small PPE that are designed to protect wearers by reducing exposure to hazards, including examination gloves, general use gloves, surgery caps, boot covers, and more.  The often unseen work of keeping hospitals and doctors offices clean is vital to protecting people from infectious materials. We source cleaning supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, sanitation wipes, and more.  If there is something not on this list that you need, contact us to see if we provide it. We will work to customize your order and help you procure the equipment you need to do your job effectively and safely.


Our Medical Device / PPE Procurement Process


To learn more about The Product Plug’s unique procurement process, click here


Reduced cost. Our unique procurement process — which includes relationships with numerous supply chain partners, factory partners, and proven import/export system — provides our clients with quality equipment at an affordable price with an efficient turn-around.

Quicker access. Especially in the face of COVID-19, timing is everything. Our independent supply chain helps us gather the equipment you need quickly and efficiently, without still delivering quality and, most importantly, safety. 

Customizable options. Our relationships with numerous supply chain partners and decorators around the world allow us to deliver custom projects and customization to any item. We don’t fit you into a “cookie-cutter” approach. Tell us what you need and we’ll do what we can to make it happen. 

Guaranteed quality. If you’re concerned about overseas production, know that we work diligently to ensure the quality of every single product. We have “boots on the ground” both in our overseas and local production plants to oversee each of our projects for guaranteed quality control. We triple-check and verify all quality control checks and certifications to mitigate risks and deliver a high-quality product every single time. 


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