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Rare / High-Value Commodities

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High Value. Low Overhead. 

The Product Plug procures rare and high value commodities efficiently and with minimal added cost. 


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Any Rare Item Procured & Shipped. Stress-Free. 

Our procurement process allows us to acquire and deliver any major high-value commodity from anywhere in the world. Here are some of the most popular categories: 

Art & Furniture Rare Coins Vehicles
Rare and valuable art can be found all around the world. Don’t worry about where it’s coming from; focus on choosing the artwork you want the most.  Whether you’re interested in the monetary, historic, or sentimental value of a rare coin, we can help you procure them from anywhere in the world and ensure it arrives ready to display.  Transporting any vehicle overseas can be a hassle, let alone valuable, rare ones. Let us leverage our supply chain relationships to get your vehicle where it needs to go — and be sure it arrives in pristine condition. 
Rare Books Wine & Spirits Jewelry
Build your collection of great literary treasures to display in your personal library. We ensure the books you procure are delivered in temperature-controlled, safe environments so they arrive safe and sound.  With so many factors to consider when transporting wine — secure holds, temperature control, etc. — breathe easy knowing that we’ve got you covered. We can find the best vintages to add to your collection.  Select jewels from around the world based on the quality of the design and the jewel itself without worrying that it will arrive safely and in the best condition.

There are plenty of items  not listed in this list, including raw materials and other high-value commodities. But don’t worry — The Product Plug still has got you covered! Contact us with your custom request and we will do whatever we can to meet it.


Procure High-Value Products with Low Overhead

When making a large purchase of a valuable item, you want to invest as much money in the commodity price itself without overhead and service charges getting in the way. 

Let us handle the stress while you focus on the excitement of adding these items to your personal collections. While the logistics of acquiring and transporting rare items can be stressful, we make sure that is not the case for anyone who works with The Product Plug. 

Due to our unique and proven procurement process, The Product Plug can help you acquire virtually any item in the commodity market for a low overhead cost and deliver it to you quickly and efficiently — while still guaranteeing the quality of the item itself. 

Our high-value commodities range from vintage wines to artwork to precious metals and jewelry — virtually any physical commodity is available for you. Contact us to put together a customer procurement plan.


How Our Procurement Process is Different and Better

For more details on how The Product Plug procurement process works, click here.

We source items efficiently and effectively. All of our sourcing follows procurement rules that abide by public and private rules and regulations, as well as your specific requirements. Our long-term relationships with our sourcing partners allow for maximum efficiency while also maintaining high quality. 

We customize our offering to your needs. The Product Plug is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Because of our direct relationship with supply chain partners, we can customize items and projects to suit your needs, while still delivering a reasonable turn-around time. 

We guarantee quality. With boots-on-the-ground overseas as well as in local production plans, we oversee all projects to ensure satisfaction. You never have to be concerned that the items you source are exactly what you need and want. 

We can source from anywhere in the world. No matter where your item is now, we can get it to you or wherever you want it to be. We work with government agencies and private entities to import and export materials and commodities anywhere in the world through a proven system that we are constantly improving. 


Create Your Custom Plan

We will create a custom plan based on your specific needs. Contact us to start the process. 


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