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Our target demographic is the manual tester who wants to learn how to automate, or the junior developer who’s looking for a unique direction in their career. It turns out that either mindset is really good for writing test automation, and empowering them to learn it turns them into FRICKIN’ UNICORNS, aww yiss.

As part of the onboarding process, we would take care of training you on all the skills and tactics that we want to develop in you, so that you can become a formidable force in both testing and test automation. 

But first: this challenge.

This coding challenge will get you acquainted with some of what we do at Arch DevOps, along with get us acquainted with you and your thought process.

Whether you’re an expert already, have dabbled in automation or have no experience at all with it, this coding challenge is for you, and we look forward to seeing how you do! 

Here’s what we’re looking for: 


We’d like you to write a simple script that goes to, logs in, and sends a message to me, Michael “Fritz” Fritzius. You can make the message say anything you want. 

When you’re happy with the result, push your script out to a github repository and then email me at with the link to the repo, and we’ll take a look. 

There is no time limit in completing this challenge. 

Although this challenge can be solved in languages like Java, C#, Python, even Perl, we’d like you do it using Ruby. The reason is: Ruby language doesn’t “get in the way” as much as heavyweight languages, plus it has a lower learning curve. It’s easier for us to see your thought process and learn how you think, without trying to decipher around the syntax of the other languages. 

The library (or “gem”) we’d like you to use for driving the browser is called “Watir”. Instructions on how to install and use it can be found at 


  • If we’re not connected already, let’s connect! Let me know in the intro message that it’s for the coding challenge. 
  • PLEASE don’t hard code your login credentials in the script. We don’t want to know your secure-yet-embarrassing password lol. Have your script read that information in from a JSON file, from some other directory. 
  • If you haven’t gotten your own github account yet, go for it. It’s a great place to build your portfolio. 
  • Also don’t get crazy and be like “I’m gonna send a thousand messages to all my friends lol!”. LinkedIn does watch for wonky activity and will flag or lock an account. Sending one-off messages won’t cause that, so resist the call of the Dark Side and don’t spam your network 🙂 


  • It is perfectly natural to do a ton of Googling. Don’t worry that you don’t know something right off the bat. I’ve been doing this for 12+ years and still have to Google stuff. 
  • Do be aware of individual actions that you have to do. Things that we commit to muscle memory we take for granted. Think about what specifically you’re doing with your hands, and recreate that in the script.


The important thing is that you learn some new things, and we of course want to learn about you! There’s no pressure. Do the best you can, we’ll take a look at the solution, and be in touch.

Enjoy the ride! Fritz and the Arch DevOps Team –